Do they hold up against what’s happening in today’s games industry M&A deals?

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At Agnitio Capital we speak with countless developers every month. Over time, we’ve noticed certain patterns. We’re not talking about a taste for Mexican food, shelves full of Funko Pops or a cavalier attitude to shoe wearing in the office. We’re talking about the fears and concerns that most developers share, particularly when it comes to conversations about being acquired.

Agnitio also talks to a great confluence of acquirers and investors on a regular basis. These guys too, have their own rhythms and sensitivities. …

Agnitio Capital’s year in review

When sitting down to write a blog about the very successful twelve months the games industry has had, it would be a savage act of callousness to not first acknowledge what has been going on outside the industry. It is hard to talk about what a terrible year 2020 was without sounding glib. The all encompassing impact of COVID is impossible to account for. Attempting to here would only trivialize the terrible human cost felt by the countless millions affected by it.

The list of lesser miseries 2020 had to offer would have defined any other year. The Australian bushfires…

Agnitio Capital

We are a games focused investment bank established 17 years ago.

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